Year-End Lists

This will serve as another database of sorts for my reviews. This one won’t be searchable or alphabetized, but it’s a way in which I keep track of my reviewing history. It also offers an interesting perspective on years past.

Basically, these will function as my year-end lists. I will list each year’s movies in descending order under categories indicating the general gist of my reviews of and feelings about them.

Two questions will emerge immediately: why isn’t x movie on the list, and why don’t your lists always match up with the scores on your reviews?

To the first–if I didn’t see it, it’s not on the list. That’s how you’ll know.

To the second–I stopped rating movies around 2010 or 2011, mainly because I found assigning a number to be far too objective and unable to account for the occasional complexity of my feelings toward something. Also, I think I was way off the mark with some of those ratings now.

Also–the movies, within their categories, are not listed in any particular order other than alphabetical. I love too many different kinds of movies, so it’s much too difficult for me to compare them and come out with a clear favorite.

Either way, this is the place to go if you want to have a quick and easy means of seeing what I thought of the year’s films in relation to one another. I will be updating it constantly, every time I see a movie. Still, the list will only ever go back as far as the start of my reviewing career: 2009.

Also, keep in mind that, as always, what you see here is only my opinion. I don’t consider this factual or a definitive source. It is not even an objective list–I use terms such as “great” and “bad” only to indicate my general feelings. They are not objective descriptors of their actual quality and skill, as movies have many different aspects and cannot so easily be broken down. This is simply a convenient list of what I personally thought of each year’s films. Take it for what it is.

NOTE–An asterisk denotes a movie I saw but did not review.

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